BP Save Games Made Simple! FREE DOWNLOAD

Hello, people!

I made these 2 macros to make blueprint saving even easier than now!
There is this 1 structure…
…that contains all the variables that you want to save and by using the SaveGame or LoadGame macros from the included macro library, they will automatically create save game and save it or load it, depending on the slot name you give in.
Extremely easy!



If a save game by the slot name you gave in exists, sets its values. If not, creates new one and also sets its values. This technically shouldn’t ever fail, but it’s still there.
Should be straight forward.



If finds a save game by the slot name you gave in, outputs the values and executes successfully. If not, fails.
Again, very straight forward.


Open the project and migrate the saveGameSystem folder to your project
Hopefully someone found it helpful :slight_smile:


Latest version (functions)

Legacy (macros)

wow this seems sooo OP, I am gonna download it strait away! Thanks soo much for making and sharing this!

Ty & Np :slight_smile:

Derzo can you give abit more insight on how you achieved this?

I am not on my computer right now so I can’t test it. I was just wondering what have you done to make it easier? Is the Core C++ oriented etc?

Just a small info would be great. Thanks!

[SIZE=2]Sure! So I created this one macro library that contains both of the macros. I also created SaveGame BP and a structure. The BP SaveGame Contains the structure as a variable inside it, nothing else. Structure contains all the variables you want to save. This is all the logic used, inside the macros.

I think this is an Engine-Bug that happens when you use Structs in your SaveGame, and then change the Struct.

Happened to me often, but i could fix it through deleting and recreating the “broken” variable in the SaveGame-Blueprint.

OK so I think I got it working. Instead of the folder, it’s now a project, where you migrate the folder.

Very cool, Derzo! This is a great addition to the community. Especially for those just starting to get into saving variables.

I updated it now, the macros are now functions! This makes it possible for the LoadGame to be pure, so that you don’t have to execute it before using it!

New download**[/SIZE]

hello i wanted to ask for a new downloadlink because the old one doesn’t work anymore i really need this download very much i would be happy if you answer me and send me a current link thank you in advance nice greetings

Rather than downloading this I would suggest looking at how the BP above worked and then recreate the functionality of it. The last post is from several years ago and is many engine versions behind I am sure.

If that’s not a great option you can also get a free complete save system plugin here: