[BP REQUEST] 'Player Start' option in 'Open Level' node

I’ve got two levels that connect to each other using the ‘Open Level’ command in Blueprints. However there are multiple entrances / exits to these maps that the player can use.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to tell the game which ‘Player Start’ to begin at, despite the fact that ‘Player Start’ actors have tags in them for referencing, so the levels will always start the player at the same ‘Player Start’ every time.

Whilst it is then possible to teleport the player to the next start, this can result in the texture pool requiring time to update, so you’ll seem low res textures, and can trigger events at the wrong time.

Could a ‘Player Start Tag’ option be added to the ‘Open Level’ node in BP so you can specify which ‘Player Start’ to use in the new map when its being opened?

Did you ever find a way to do this?

Yo can pass string parameters (Options) to LevelOpen and parse them in GameMode FindPlayerStart function.