BP - Option to update instance


Could you please add a system to force a property to be reseted on all instance of specific BP?

As a example, you make a door BP with a StaticMesh in it. You put 100 doors in your level. Now it’s time to change the door look by using another mesh, so you update the BP. Sadly all 100 instaces are not updated.
Unless I didn’t find it, you don’t have a way to say, update all instance to reset the SM property to the default one.
As of today, you must go and update all instance to reste the property by using the “yellow revert arrow”


What about


I think he is talking about “In Editor” and not on runtime. So nodes won’t change anything.

I second that, it would be a nice feature.

I don’t know if this would work, but maybe it’s possible to put these nodes that CriErr suggested into BLUTILITY? Then, it should be possible to select Static Mesh via declared variable and click, for example, “change all” button.

Or use the construction script to define what mesh to use in the first place…works wonders for us (loooooooooong corridor with hundreds of parts)

What you are describing is how blueprints should work. If they are not, it is a bug and if you can provide a specific reproduction case on AnswerHub that would be ideal.

Here is the link to the answer hub:https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/219124/476-bp-instance-not-updating.html
Easy to repro and following the different answer that I had on this question in another, I bet that lot of people are facing this issue.