BP Nodes breaking on editor restart

Hello. I’m getting this bug where upon starting up UE4, my Widget blueprint won’t compile. I have to manually set a pin (shown in picture) in order for it to compile. If i save and close the editor, and reopen it, the pin is broken again and must be set every time.

First picture shows error on startup. Second pic shows what it should be. This is in a UMG widget blueprint.

Edit: One additional note, which may be related: I have an array of UserWidgets (actually a subclass based on userwidgets) and UE4 doesn’t recognize that i have UserWidget BPs when i try to add default values to the array. I have to go into the event graph and use the ‘Create Widget’ node and add it to the array on Begin Play.

Hi Maketech222,

Could you post the .uasset for this blueprint?

I’m seeing similar things to this too, using arrays of custom blueprint actors and calling get/length/etc on them–on editor shut down its all wired up, on editor start its disconnected.

link text

Okay i zipped it and uploaded it.

This blueprint was dependent on other functions and once I fixed it so it would compile correctly I couldn’t reproduce your error. Would you be willing to private message me a link through the forums to download a zip of your project from Dropbox or Googledrive?

I’m also having this problem since version 4.4.0, i thought it had something to with my poor programing skills… anyway this specific node is the only array related (add) node that’s presenting this problem. all of the other things I’ve added to my project seem to work just fine. every time I restart the editor the self reference is not connected, prior to 4.4.2 version trying to run the game with the node broken resulted in a warning. Now with version 4.4.2 the game just launches with out errors or warnings but the node disconnection is still there after every restart of the editor.

Hi tremor_al,

What class blueprint is this screenshot from and what class are you using for the GameLogic blueprint?

Hi everyone,

We haven’t heard back from you in a few days, so we are marking this post as Resolved for tracking purposes. If you’re still experiencing this issue, please feel free to post back here with additional information.

Thanks, TJ

Hello TJ.

FYI on 4.10 it happened to me too.
I have two Struct variables (using the same Struct custom asset) in the GameInstance blueprint. When used in the GI blueprint itself, they are fine, but other blueprints referencing them, such as GameMode, GameState and PlayerController, the links would break every time the project is restarted.

Although I was unable to repro that behavior on another project, and the issue seems to be gone after I did a REFRESH ALL NODES in the GameInstance. This Struct asset contains another Struct that was added after the script was done.

I am also having the same issue almost in every version of including 4.25! Any tips on how to fix this?

Same here. I knew better than to change something in a UE4 struct, but I did. Now Every time I restart the editor, Widgets that reference that struct are broken. I have to refresh all nodes on 4 different Blueprints, things are bugfree. Then I restart the editor and the issue is back

As of UE5.0, this is still occurring.