BP Nativization in editor / 'Compile to C++' button

I wonder if something like that would be possible:

We already have the blueprint nativization, but it works only after packaging.

It’d be great to have an additional ‘Compile to C++’ button next to the ‘Compile’ button in blueprints - it would nativize the blueprint after clicking it - longer process, so the regular Compile button would still serve as a fast BP compile for fast dev iteration and we would use the new button only after we’re ‘done’ with certain blueprint.
So it could create its nativized copy and redirect all the calls to this blueprint class there. After changing anything, it would decompile and return to the non-nativized version.

It would allow us to significantly speed up many in-editor blueprint tools (like procedural placement tools, level design helpers, etc.) and all the pure blueprint projects on UE Marketplace. Not to mention the ability to e.g. test play in editor with the effect of BP nativization, without packaging each time.

I don’t know how the blueprint nativization works internally, so not sure if that would be even possible, maybe it heavily relies on the packaging process - so I’d be grateful for some info.

Totally agree

There is already a function that generates native code form a Blueprint.
It won’t help much though.

Interesting! In my case it just opens Visual Studio and does nothing more (maybe some additional step is required).
Yes, probably won’t help much in this case since it’s set to save it in the Intermediate folder, which can’t be included in e.g. Marketplace blueprint submissions. But it’s good to know that there is a function like that, so it gives us hope that maybe we’ll see something like ‘Compile to C++’ button some day.