[BP] Mouse Scroll Zoom Input

Hi guys,

here my base mouse scroll zoom input from ue4 beta. Maybe is helpful. :slight_smile:

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Hi , this is what i am looking for, however i am very new to this and do you reckon you might be able to add some more info to help me with this? Like just some simple steps or something? Thanks.

Well, technically this isn’t a zoom, since you seem to move the camera around.
Zooming would be done via Fov of the camera. But hey, whatever works for you :slight_smile:

You start with a “TP_ThirdPersonBP”. In the “MyCharacter” “Blueprint–>Components” have you the “Follow Camera”. Go to the Graph and add the “Follow Camera” as target to “set relative location”.

FOV of camera is a perspective distortion. Not really useful for a e.g. 3rd person character.

Ok thanks for the help. I now have a camera that goes in and out but only once… is there anyway i can make it so that it increases/decreases in 20x increments everytime you scroll? thanks