BP loses collision at random times (need advice)


So the issue is that all of my blueprints that are set to Movable lose collision with the player at random times but only when playing a packaged game. This never happens in the editor. I am using engine 4.15.3 I’d love to update to 4.17 to see if the issue is with the engine or something that I am doing wrong but 4.17 breaks my game because of some missing engine content.

It is like there is no collision of the BP at all since line trace doesn’t hit the BP’s as well. This never happens at the beginning of the game and sometimes collision reappears after few minutes but I am not sure what is causing it to reappear.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: So far it seems that the only solution is to set the BP to static but I need them to be Movable. I have tried changing collision settings with no luck.

At the collision settings of your “BP’s” check to see the preset is using WorldDynamic object types (eg BlockAllDynamic) that is used for moving objects. BlockAll is for static objects. Tho it hardly explains the differences between PIE and packaged game. If you can package a debuggame version you can maybe try to execute the “show Collision” or “show CollisionPawn” commands to see what is the collision information of the map around you. I believe these commands wont show you anything in development/shipping builds but you can try anyways.

Thanks. I will try that.