[BP] Line trace going downwards from camera!

hello! I have had an issue of the line trace results being considerably downwards from the centre of my screen. Screenshot can be found in the comments.

back to the top it goes!

That screenshot is too low resolution to see what is going on there, could you post a better one?

Also, you don’t need to use dropbox, you can attach images directly to your question on this page, just FYI.

[link text][1]

and yes, i had to put it in .zip folder. The image is 9mb, and the limit is 5.
I am afraid this is the highest res I can go without some trickery, as this is my native resolution. I hope the zip compression doesn’t mess things up, especially the collapsed node. If I try to expand it, it simply disappears, deleting the logic in it.
[1]: 42947-blueprint.zip (281 KB)

Hi Mate

Can you use snipping tool is you are using PC. Then i will delete this post, can not see collapsed Node.




But to start off, You are not getting you vector from you Camera, but player controller.

Off camera would look like this. You are doing it differently from they way I would if you want it off camera.

The Do Once is not not needed, as the line trace will only fire once per click anyhow.


“You are not getting you vector from you Camera, but player controller.” Thanks! I never thought that the values would be different. Thank you so much! :slight_smile: