BP Light Studio

I am not good in Blue Prints in UE4.
I use BP_LightStudio for HDRI lights, but I need to have separated HDRI brightness setting for

  1. EMISSION for scene light
  2. BACKGROUND as a image visible on the horizon

In typical ray trace renderer I am able to separate rays for Camera ( as Background image ) and Emission ( for scene light ) and set parameters of background and light separately using the same HDRI.

How to do it in UE4. Is it possible here ?


Where did you you find BP_LightStudio. I cannot find it.


You need to access your Starter Content Folder > Blueprints > BP_LightStudio

I face a lot of difficulties using BP_LightStudio like its incompatibility with Sequencer (4.19) and so on…
For HDRI lighting, I suggest you change your approach to Skylight (SLS Specified Cubemap)
For HDRI in your background I suggest using Skybox (somewhere in Starter Content) with an Unlit material