BP lift problems

Hello, I have made a movable lift using this link and works well. The problem I am having is how do I get it to move to other floors. I can see the problem already. I have a start position and a stop position I need away of telling the driver to move to prefixed vector from and location. At least thats what I think I need to do. I have attached a screen shot of my BP. I need to move the lift 4 floors with the user being at any floor and can call lift to there.

I have been scratching my head over this issue for awhile now and any help would be greatly received.

Many thanks

I would use a vector array to store the locations of the different floors. The start location would then be set to the lifts current location and move to the corresponding index in the location array for the desired floor.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for your reply. I don’t understand vector arrays? Is there a tutorial or an example you could give me to get me started please.

Still having problems :frowning: I just can’t get my head round it. Has anyone managed to do this?

You can add a variable to the Blueprint.
This variable, choose for it to be Vector… after you have done this, click on the icon next to it( a square of squares)… you now have an array.