BP Issue in Standalone but not in Play In Editor

Hello all,

I have a problem with a level blueprint, the blueprint moves several actors from an off screen location to a set on screen location after a trigger point has been overlapped which is followed by a move AI to node. This works perfectly fine in play in editor (PIE) but not in Standalone, the blueprint also switches my camera from the Third Person camera to a fixed camera (It is sort of like a movie shot) which works fine.

By moving the fixed camera I have discovered that the actors are all visible (out of view) in standalone, however once the trigger box is triggered they just disappear - in contrast in PIE they function correctly.

Can anybody help me with this strange behavior? This educational project is due in just a couple of days!

Kind Regards

EDIT: I have also tried, instead of setting the actors location to spawn the actor at the location and the exact same problem occurs, it works in PIE (as in it appears) but it doesn’t in Standalone. Am I missing something here?

I actual recall having a similar problem in a previous project a few months ago - I surely can not be the only one to have experienced this?

Can anybody offer any guidance here?

After many hours of trying many different combinations to get this working I have finally found a solution, however I would appreciate it if somebody could tell me why this is the solution as to me it seems like a bug.

Initially I was setting the actors location based on a target point using the get world location node and firing that into the new location for the actor, after finding a similar post I tried changing get world location to get actor location. This had no effect what so ever - the actor was simply disappearing (again - it only worked in PIE).

The solution was to hard code the location using a Make Vector node and fire that into the new location for the actor, this really isn’t ideal - I loved the ease of moving the target point around in editor but it is working so I am thrilled. I applied this change to all three actors that appear in my little cinematic and they work fine (for now!).

The strange thing for me is I have several AI moving between target points in the level, and the final cinematic mentioned above even has all three of these actors run to a final target point - all of these target points work perfectly in PIE and Stand alone, and they use the same node as above “Target Point → Get World Location”. If it was a position issue with collision I would have expected it to be the same in PIE mode.

I am officially confused, any help would be great to avoid future issues like this.

Can anybody explain this behavior, I would appreciate it greatly.