BP Is Still Framerate Dependent.

hi, I made this Recoil System In BP and It works all well but I noticed very odd Movements if I limit my Framerate to very low value, Recoil Suddenly Increases and the time it takes to move the weapon position into Aiming Position also gets faster kind of frustrating seems like it is giving Low FPS buffs in Moving the weapon but also higher recoil. What am I doing wrong.



Ensure Delta-Seconds is factored wherever its needed…
(Didn’t have time to look at the TICK blueprintue BP tho)…

Delta Seconds is used in the TICK function.
The reason I didnt use Delta Seconds is because in the Fire Function all it is doing is adding 2 vectors and storing the result So that in the Tick Function Can Lerp Smoothly. Still that didn’t solve the problem.

Your use of lerp is a bit weird. Your alpha is DeltaTime * Speed which give a result somewhat static perhaps between A and B depending on Speed and DeltaTime.

I think what you meant to use is RInterpTo for Rotators and VInterpTo for Vectors. You could also use TInterpTo for Transforms.

Then you don’t have to multiply DeltaTime with Speed you just feed it DeltaTime and Speed separately and call it on tick and it will do the rest.

There is also VInterpToConstant and RInterpToConstant if you don’t want the interpolation to ease out.

Update:: Tried this method has more or less the same result on the bright side I ruled out that there is nothing wrong with Tick Function the problem then it seems is in the Fire Function (In Unity the same code is working flawless).

In Fire Function I am just doing this : CurrentLocation = CurrentLocation + Offset;
In theory This should work fine upon Clicking/Holding LMB it is just Adding to Current location so In the Tick function it can lerp and return to Original Location back again.

If you have time, I can create a new project tonight and Redo only this Part (Recoil) and send it to you how about that ? the Current project I have naming issues and also added timelines made a mess.