BP Interfaces not working with Widget Blueprints, No Answers on the Hub :(

BP Interface do not work with UMGs. Anyone else having issues with this?

What exactly have you tried?

They are working, however sometimes it is hard to pass correct reference pointer. So maybe your pointers are pointing to wrong data.

Thank you for the replies.


My goal is to create an agnostic UI interface to communicate between a Actor BP and UMG BP.

I created a BP Interface with Test Function.

I’m attempting to send message via BPI Call from UMG to the BP actor BPI Event.

Unfortunately, the BPI message does not fire off the event as expected.

I’m only passing a reference to self. I’m open to any and all recommendations.

The target should be the Actor you’re trying to call the function Test on, instead of self.

You are calling the Interface Implementation of the Widget, not of the Actor. You need a reference of the Actor and plug it into the “Target” Pin.

You probably misunderstood the Conception of Interface. They don’t magically MultiCast to everyone who implements the Interface.
It’s just a contract that a object/Actor is forced to provide a function.

I think i have the same problem, variables set for strings or texts (integer works), work at least differently now. If i bind a text to a string variable it only sometimes is displayed? Also tried it with bind to Get function. Only affects loaded (changing) string and text variables at runtime. This was working without any problems in 4.13.

Link please?

Posted what appears to be a similar issue, on AnswerHub https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/526054/text-and-string-variables-stopped-working-after-up.html

THANKS-A-MIL. This advice resolved the issue.

I have a similar problem with interfaces…
Maybe someone can help ? :slight_smile: