BP Interface unable to fire event on aiController


I am new to creating Blueprints in Unreal.

I am trying to replicate a Floor Cleaning Robot(Roomba) via BP and am having a hard time communicating with 2 different BP`s

Here is my BP setup

For the Floor Cleaning Robot, I have constructed :

  • A character BP - roombaBP (contains SK mesh of cleaner)

  • An AI Controller BP - roombaController

  • *An Actor BP - ChargerRoomba [contains SM of Charging dock + a
    trigger Box(RoombaChargeBOX)]

I have also setup the Navmesh bounds volume.

The AI controller BP has most of the blueprint logic. It uses the getRandomReachablePointInRadius.

For my initial setup, it is hooked up to Event BeginPlay.
Till here, it behaves as I expect / Intend it to.

However, I want it to start roaming once I enter the ChargerRoomba(3rd BP) collision box and not start on Event BeginPlay.

For this, I have created an Interface. RoombaFire_BPI
It has a function, Fire_Start.
I plan to call this as an Event to start the AIcontrollers(BP-2) roam once the player overlaps the Charging Docks(BP-3) Trigger/Collision box.

I have the ChargingDockBOX - OnBeginOverlap hooked into the BPI
And in the aiController, RoombaController - The BPI event fires it to start the Blueprint

However, it is never called!

Here is my setup with the Interface.

In the ChargingDockBP

And in the AIControllerBP

Hoping to find a solution.
Thank you in advance!

Hello supremeEmperor, just checking if you got this working mate. Having the same issue here. Cheers!