BP Interface for Dynamic Spawning

Hi Guys,

Need help.

Basically I’m creating a dynamic spawn system for Keys (to open doors). I have set up 3 BPs that have a volume and I use a spawn actor to spawn that key in that volume, these only start once on a Event Begin Play. That works great.

However, I want a manager for these BP so I can choose a random 1 to spawn out of the 3. So in a new BP I have a random Int generate and use a Switch on Int split into 3 paths. Now this is the part i’m struggling with…

How do I make the Manager BP manage which Volume spawns keys. I have parented the 3 BPs to the Manager and on the randomizer setting a bool which the child picks up. But this is unreliable and spawns more than 1 key and in the wrong volume (not all the time). I have tried casting to the Manager to see if the Bool is set but I have no idea what object to insert into the Cast node…

Now I’m trying a BPI but when I try to send a message to the 3 volumes I can’t find the correct Variable for the Message function.

The next thing is that all the volumes have to be placed in the level so the event Begin Play so anything that happens after that cannot effect the spawning of keys.

Anyone got any ideas?

I re-worked it a different way…

I just used the level BluePrint and spawned the key on Target points darted round the level. Annoying but you gotta love game design. 10/10 would waste 3 hours again :slight_smile: