[BP] InputActionUse - does it work?

**Second attempt at making this post. The forums refuses to post my first one for some reason? So there may be a duplicate at some point, Who knows.

Hello all, I’m creating a BP for a object which, when the player is inside a trigger volume and presses the Use key, does some stuff.
However I can’t seem to get anything to work in the editor via InputActionUse or just on key press (E).
Everything works if I do everything off of a overlap check, but that’s not how I need this to work, it needs to work based off a key press (and eventually only if the player has placed a specific item inside my BP, but baby steps first.)
Does InputActionUse work straight from BP? Or do I need to base the BP on some other class (presumambly some sort of “isUsable” class?)
To reiterate I thought perhaps InputActionUse wasn’t the action I wanted, but on key press (E) doesn’t seem to do anything either.

+1 on this thread!

I thought this is a simple one as well, but now I’m quite certain you can’t use the normal inputs that come with UE in the ARK environment. Zen talks about UI widgets at some point in his tutorials, but it’s too much to handle at once and for a completely different purpose.

It seems there is no simple “Press [Use] key to activate this thing” tutorial for ARK… We definitely need one!

The only thing I can always think of are the buttons in the cave labyrinth on Ragnarok. I asked Jackson already but he may be tired getting “Master, help me!” messages from strangers… I don’t know :smiley: I tried to find the buttons in the map, but no luck yet. Maybe I can’t find them because I don’t know what components to search for. Could be a widget with a little box mesh attached (for the actual animation of the button being pressed). Could be hard coded…

For us both I hope someone has a way to do this.