Bp Ineritance - Reference Object - From child to parent - low-top communication

Make a Bp and create a Bp child from it.

I am having an issue when I try to communicate an array from a child to parent by interface.

Basically I can’t get the proper reference of the Bp parent, needed in the target “field” interface.

Especially I fail to understand why, if I create a reference variable to self in the parent Bp, such reference its’nt not read by the child blueprint.

Infact I get this message from Ue4:

Blueprint Runtime Error: “Accessed None trying to read property parent” where “parent” is the reference to the self variable stored in the Bp parent.

Please someone could explain what I am doing wrong?

On the other end, if i use the node get all actor of class i get the right reference to the parent object and the interface works.

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance

When you make a child from a parent in the content browser, you have not instanced any real blueprints. You have just made a definition of another sort of BP ( the child ), which is based on the parent.

Even when you have an actual parent and child in a level, ‘Self’ is always a reference to the local BP. It will be the child, in the child. The same for the parent.

You need a running instance of the parent in your level, then you have a ‘real’ parent. It can spawn a child BP. Now you have two running BPs.

Then you can reach the parent using ‘get parent actor’ inside the child.

@Lupoluke, Just so you know:

Let’s say you make a Blueprint Actor called BP_a, and a child class of the Blueprint called BP_b. When you spawn it in the world, the spawned Actor is a BP_a instance, and a BP_b instance. It’s called polymorphism. There is no “Parent object” and “Child object”. There’s just one object. So when you got a reference to the “Parent” object, you just got a reference to self. Why would you need to access the “Parent”, anyway? The child should carry over all variables and functions and all functionality.

Thanks all of you for your comment.