BP how to detect end of audio? (AudioComponent)


I wish to receive an event when the AudioComponent finishes playing. I am currently doing this successfully with the following blueprint:

Note that the “audioComponent” is an “audio” component added inside the component diagram in the actor blueprint.

I am calling “Is Playing” on each tick which is really bad. I wish to get some event like the following:


How can I receive such an event?

Thanks in advance

The OnAudioFinished event is not firing because you are using a audio clip that has Looping checked:


OK I’ve solved the problem.

You can create a custom event when the audio ends and do like the following:

I wish there were a more “standard” way of doing these things. I’ve created so much stuff for a simple task.

Sorry to say this, but “Looping” is disabled by default in my environment currently. I’ve checked multiple wav files, they are all disabled. Anyhow the above solution solved the problem but I wish I could receive “OnAudioFinished” event instead of creating my own.

For me this event needs to fire on the client, custom event–>Run on client---->Bind on audio finished.