BP: How to create a spline with multiple points?


I try to create a spline deforming a mesh in a blueprint - more specifically in the constructor so that to get it when I drop the BP actor in the editor.
I found many topics and tutorials (a good reference is Engine News 6/11 - C++ - Unreal Engine Forums, another one is the UE4 BP spline examples. For most of them though the modification of the spline, and in particular the addition of new points, has to be done manually, by the user in the editor, and the BP is doing only the mesh deformation or animation.

In my case I would like to add some more points to the spline in the BP and to place the spline meshes right after that to have a deformed mesh on each segment.
The thing is I haven’t found a way to add the points in the BP. Whatever I do the result is always a 2 points spline.

Here is the BP. Can you please give me some tips on that?

Thank you very much



Do you see this tutorial?


Thank you for the link. I knew this tutorial but I didn’t watch it in details, mainly because I found it, at first glance, quite seriously oversized for my need. It seems to be well done though and I will have a deeper look at it.

My reference was this video: Unreal Engine 4 Spline and SplineMesh Components - YouTube, which is a detailed tutorial of the graph presented in the Engine News 6/11 (Engine News 6/11 - C++ - Unreal Engine Forums)
I am pretty close from what I want to get with the above graph, I’m sure it is just a node or a connection ahead. I don’t understand why it doesn’t loop on the newly created points.

Would it be possible to have some quick explaination on why this is not working?

Thank you very much