BP Help for an Amateur: Rotating Puzzle

Backstory: I am very familiar with the Unreal Engine UI and layout. I wanted to create a simple puzzle game to learn more about blueprint and as well as put it on my portfolio.

Concept: I want to design a puzzle where the player has to rotate a maze and get a ball from one corner to a hole in another. A recent game on the Nintendo Switch shares similarities with my idea called Puzzle Blockle Adventure where the player has to rotate this box and tries to get the cat into the door. I have attached an image from the game to show you.

Now: I have set up a project that has the maze and the ball. I am lost on where to go from here. I asked a friend and he said to start with adding a camera over the maze and lock it in place but I couldn’t figure even that out. If anyone could provide help, a tutorial, tips, advice etc. I would greatly appreciate that.