BP Functions - auto create local variables from inputs

When creating a blueprint function, often I define several inputs which I need to reference in further down the blueprint. I either have to drag wires all the way down, or introduce set nodes to set a local variable value I can then cleanly reference further down.

I’d prefer a checkbox by each input, that defines that input as a local variable I can reference instead. No long wires, no additional set nodes.

Sir, you’re lucky. Well… kind of…
This “feature” has been introduced last year, but it’s hidden and it seems to be a kind of hack.

After adding new input, you will find it as local variable in… context menu. Yes, you can get it only there. It’s not displayed in Variables UI.
There are few issues… If you change a name or type of input parameter, BP compiler won’t automatically update references in function’s body. You will have to replace these references manually…

Still, it’s some improvement…

Nice, I wasn’t aware of that! Maybe they’ll add a little polish, but thank you for pointing it out.

Holy… This changes everything. They keep advertising silly stuff like car shaders and VR editors and no one even mentions life changing things like these.

Oh… that sucks… I thought that most people know about this change :wink:

It is quite possible that I’m just blind / deaf of course, thanks in any case for pointing it out!