BP FPS From Scratch Issues

Put basically I am having issues with an tutorial I found on the Unreal Wiki here:

I have gotten to the stages of part 1 where I create the “Host Game” screen and it is all going perfectly. Able to copy the Tutorial exactly and the Engine inst giving any errors BUT I am having issues showing the map names, game modes, time limit and connection type.

I should by now have something like this:

To me it seems as if the game is not reading the Structs or something…maybe. I am usually quite good with Unreal but this has me absolutely stuck :frowning:
The tutorial PDF is a bit all over the place it seems but the “Host Game” menu setup starts approximately on page 33 if you would like to go ahead and attempt replicating it and see if you get the same issues.
Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you!

I have gotten it working!
I needed to add the game instance to the Maps and Modes tab in the Project Settings.
My bad!