BP for PlayerPawn (third AND first-person, suitable for network play) ?

ShooterGame template does exactly what I’m after except that it’s done in C++. In that template a player will have a full third-person character mesh showing to other players (in a network environment) and a separate arms-only mesh for first-person view.

My project is based on the standard FPS Template (with blue fps-arm mesh) and I have also imported the assets from the Third Person Template.

Now I just need to combine these into one blueprint equivalent to PlayerPawn in the ShooterGame template though I would like to do this purely using visual blueprint scripting. Anyone know of such an example?

Include both meshes in the same blueprint. Tag one as visible to owner only; tag the other as invisible to owner but visible to others.

^This, I would recommend following the “Third Person Blueprint Game” tutorials that can be found on YouTube here once you have imported the third person mesh and setup the animations as jwatte said just add it into the character blueprint and set it so owner can’t see.

The only problem with this solution is I’ve not found how to let the owner see the shadow for the third person mesh, so currently players won’t see there own shadow.