BP-fog-sheet not working with 4.26

Hi guys, my BP fog sheet are not working with 4.26 . Are you aware of this ?


Same thing here.

What part of the fog sheet doesn’t work? Screen shots of the BP properties, and whatever it is you see on screen that shouldn’t be?

I expirience the same problem - the fog sheet BP doesnt cause any errors, but is not visible in the viewport. I suspect it to be some shader related problem in the translucency, but i cant come up with a solution :(.
Any help is appreciated.

Hi guys! Has anyone found a solution for this? There’s no compiling errors but the fog isn’t visible in the viewport.

same here…

I had this problem as well. I didn’t fully get to the bottom of it but it seemed to be an issue with the SM_fogSheetPlane. I swapped it out for my own plane and it worked fine. (Although I had to then fix the scale and rotation)

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When I unchecked Remove Degenerates from the Build Settings of the SM_Fogsheet_Plane, and clicked apply, the functionality of BP_FogSheet returned.


Thanks this worked for me :slightly_smiling_face: