BP - Execution Problem

Hey Guys.

Here`s a (very bad) picture of what i want…


I got the Problem that my Blueprint is quite massive. To reduce it i need something like an a splitted thing like the “Branch” thingy… Like a two component function that has split up “execute” and “executed” commands… For better understand another picture:


as you can see i have two branches. on the right side there are “DoorFuntion” and “WallFunctions” . The Wall Function_3 is just a copy of the “WallFunction_2” . I now want simply use just one “WallFunction” for the whole Blueprint.

The Problem is that its quite huge on the screen and i dont really want to pull the strings all over the screen to the WallFunction… I thought of doing it with a Variable but it doesnt really. I hope you guys know what i mean…

Thanks !!

I’m not exactly sure what you mean.

There is a node called “Sequence”

It lets you execute one function after another.

I don’t understand why you have copies of your wall/door functions.
What are they supposed to do?

This is just for me to not mess up my order in the Blueprint. They simply add a static mesh and change materials etc… I simply want like this “white Line” splitted up. Input one Block, Output one Block. You know what i mean ? **** this is really complicated… i`m sorry

I am not totally sure what you are trying to do, from the branch do you just want it to do one after another? As previous poster said you can use sequence, and it will do each thin in sequence. Or you can use the output side on your functions to do what ever else you want to do. You don’t need a bunch of make transform nodes if they all make the same transform. What is the branch and the condition you are bringing into it?

Well… The branch was just an example. I simple want to split the white executionlines into input and output, so you wont have lines in the end but two boxes with in and out. Like a Tunnel. You can see both ends from the top but not the tube itself… Thats what i want. I want just the two ends to be visible but not the white line. Thanks again :wink:

The white lines just tell the program where to go next. These nodes already have an enter and exit, that’s what those arrows on the top of the box are.

I am having a very hard time understanding what you want or are trying to say.

I think he wants the option for the enter and exit lines to be hidden. No?

Hi TwentyEight28,

I think what you want are Custom Events (Custom Events | Unreal Engine Documentation).

Michael Noland