BP editor slow

Is there anything I can do to minimize the slowdown that happens when I have too much going on in the BP editor?

Currently I create new event graphs to keep each graph’s node usage to a healthy level.

On my computer the tappy chicken main graph would drive me a bit nuts to use at its current complexity. It’s not crazy slow, I’d imagine I’m getting 10 fps or so there which would definitely have made me break that up as well.

I have a GTX 680 and a healthy amount of CPUs so don’t think I can blame my machine too much…?

main ways are to reduce engine scalability settings in settings (top of editor, near to blueprints) and uncheck useless ( for you ) show flags in “show”.

I have a GTX 660Ti and an intel 3770k and 8GB ram and I have not noticed any slowness at all in my blueprint editor. Do you have a video so we can see what you mean?

I’ve noticed similar problems. I have a 2600k and 750ti and everything runs fairly smooth except for when I have the event graph of very large blueprint open. I starting using a bunch of functions instead of adding to the event graph because it would get slower and slower. It is especially slow ~10fps when I have it open on a second monitor and viewport on the other.

It’s really easy to see it to be honest - if you’ve opened up Tappy Chicken’s main eventGraph and moved around in it or tried to connect up anything it’ll move around 10fps… But if you haven’t noticed anything and done averagely large projects without noticing anything I’d imagine it’s something on my end… So Tappy Chicken’s graph is absolutely fine (40+ fps or so) at your end?

I was getting similar slowdowns when my character blueprint got over crowded with nodes, ended up splitting functionality into separate Blueprints to reduce the problem.
At its worst state I would wait for 1-2 seconds when trying to connect, delete or modify any connections or nodes in the graph.
I have a GTX 650, and a not a very powerful rig, but its doing an Ok job for the most part.

Ok - seems like many agree it can get slow then, maybe not much to do but to split things up as you say. Thanks for the input!

That’s really bizarre, I’ve deconstructed all of the Tappy chicken BPs and I haven’t noticed any loss in framerate. There are some people on here that have better specs than I do and they’re getting slowness so I’m not sure what’s going on.

Hmm… odd indeed. I have a rather large screen, 30", with a res of 2560*1600. I wonder if that’s got anything to do with the amount of drawing it needs to make. Still, I was totally expecting everyone to have had slowdowns but wanted to make sure. I guess there’s hope then although I have no clue where to start looking. :confused: to speed things up.

I’m not sure about the raw performance differences, but I can definitely say using a SSD drive makes a big difference. I actually have UE4 running off one SSD and the project itself on a separate (smaller) SSD. For compiling shaders and working with blueprints, loading, saving etc it makes a big difference, although I never experienced the level of slowdown you have. If you are still using a regular HD, make sure you defrag it and keep it organized as best you can (DO NOT defrag an SSD however, it will shorten it’s lifespan).

4.6 and the next release are putting usability and maintenance of the built in tools a high priority, so hopefully it will help as well. :slight_smile:

Thanks, and I’m using SSDs for both the engine and my projects as well. Having a small or large BP editor window doesn’t make a difference either. Once 4.6 is out of preview I’ll check that out though!