BP - Creating permanent variables dynamically

Hey guys,

i am currently working on my Procedural Building Generator, therefore i save different parts of the Building in arrays. Now i want to be able to choose the meshes in the BP (static mesh, can be changed dynamically in the Blueprint) , than save them to an array, and reuse them… This works, as long as i use the same blueprint or copy it over and over, however when i drag and drop from my content browser, everything is gone. So i basically want something like the little “+” symbol as a node in the BP, so i can save the meshes permanently in a new “static mesh array” - variable.

Is there any possibility to achieve this ? I am not a coder btw (have some basics) , so if there is a c++ solution please guide me there because i really suck at it…

Thanks in advance !

Hey, thanks for the replies, but i think we misunderstood. See the pictures below. What i basically wanna achieve is the following:

i created a ALLDESIGNstruct and a ONEDESIGNstruct… in the ONEDESIGNstruct there are arrays predefined that hold the meshes. When i now add a new sONEDESIGNtruct to my ALLDESIGNstruct, everything works fine, but they are not like “hard-coded” into the ALLDESIGNstruct. I can only use them for this one BP Instance, but i want them to be there like forever (i basically dont want to change the instance of the struct but the reference file i created, know what i mean ?)