BP comms seemingly not triggering function

I have no doubt made an error somewhere. I’ve got this set up in the actor blueprint;

As you can see the connections are animating, unless the red colour means something bad. But then in the character BP, there is tumbleweed blowing through, inside the function;

And in the eventgraph, which is just the GetActiveHandHold node and a debugging string node after it. Anyone see what I’ve done wrong?

When I re-open the project I’m getting the error message “Error function GetActiveHandHold… etc should not be called from a Blueprint”.

This is exactly what this guy is reporting:

Tom Shannon’s work-around of creating custom event call that activates the function looks like the most robust solution, so I’m going to try that…

Ok,. that worked, take a gold star cooper. For some reason the connections still arent animating in the character BP, but the debug text is printing when I hit the trigger volume…