BP Child Actor collision events (Leap Motion)

I have a setup like the following -

First Person Character has a child actor reference to 'LeapHands’BP which attaches leap motion hand meshes to the player.

Inside the ‘LeapHands’ BP there are left and right hand meshes. I have attached buttons to the end of each of the fingers on the left hand mesh. This works fine.
I have also attached a small sphere to the end of the index finger on the right hand.

I want to be able to read/create collision events from within this blueprint and have them create events that I can access in the Level blueprint. In particular the right hand sphere contacting the left hand buttons.

I have tried many ways but don’t seem to be able to work out how to send collision events from within the ‘hands’ blueprint to the level blueprint. Not sure which blueprint I should be attempting to get collision events from -
the Hands blueprint or its parent the FirstPersonPlayer BP and if so how do I reference the buttons when they are children of children within another blueprint?

Any ideas/examples on how I can achieve this?. Been staring at it for 2 days now.

Attached a screenshot of the component hierarchy if it helps at all.



If you are wanting collision from specific fingers then you probably want to go with attaching a collision mesh to sockets on each of the fingers themselves and using that for the collision rather than attempting to use the whole hand. Just create sockets on the fingers and attach an invisible mesh or sphere collision etc to them and go from that.

What was the solution for this? Looks like Leap Motion is dead?

it’s “officially integrated” since 4.11 release…