BP - Change component type - how to set the redirectclass in ini file?


Let’s say you set a class with a StaticMeshComponent Mesh; and you want to move it to a SkeletalMeshComponent with the same variable name.
How do you proceed to be able to Open the current BP, select your SKMesh and save it without error?

As of today, the BP SM component is still in map to the Mesh variable due to the serialization and you have no way to reset this; I see the new SK component but when you click on it, you can’t set anything on the detail panel (like if the component was not set as parametrable). The only way is to create a new BP, delete the old ones and set a redirector…
I bet we can do that smoothly with :
+ActiveClassRedirects= ??

But I don’t understand what parameter I should set.


I read: LinkerLoad.cpp and the case seems not managed.

This would be a nice feature to have in case i want to transform a component to a type that i made, that derives from said component. It would save having to recreate the hierarchy in the blueprint or setup the graph again. That said, I’m sure this is a really hard problem to solve :wink:

In fact, the case I described is a bug in the program and it has been log at epic side. So no new feature for this, just a fix ^^