BP c++ hybrid approach

I’m planning on making 2.5d platformers and fps games with unreal.

I plan on prototyping with blueprints.
I’m not very good with pointers.
However I can code in c++.
Would it be a good approach to use c++ for math and logical opperations (making functions that output one value) and write the rest of the game in blueprints?

Would this process work for simple (gun and shoot and platforming) games?


Just start everything in blueprints…
If certain bp functions are too complicated, then only you can craft your own C++ Blueprint Library class.
Or when the bp is proving too slow, you can nativize first and see if things improve. If it doesn’t, then only use C++.

IMO, UE4 C++ needs experienced C++ programmers to make full use of it, and be productive at that. Otherwise, you may spend too much time learning, compiling etc which otherwise can be spent on improving your blueprints. And you need powerful computer for c++ too, so the whole process of compilation is a snap.