BP appears different in PIE than in editor, please help.


I have a strange problem with a (rather simple) Blueprint.
It appears different in the editor viewport than in PIE gameplay.

But first, here is what I did, piece by piece :slight_smile:

I created a Material Collection with a vector parameter, called “Tint”:

Then I created a material with a corresponding collection parameter:

Next, I created an Enumerator and a structure to hold a Group and a color value:

A blueprint holds an array of these entries and provides a lookup function to get the color, based on a group value:

In another BP, that holds a reference to the BP described above, the color value is looked up and applied:

That all works like a charm, but only in the editor viewports. Once in game, the color value is not applied:

So, in the editor viewports, the color that is stored in the datatable gets correctly applied, but in the game, it is not… :frowning:

Anyone an idea why that is?
What did I miss ? :confused:

shy bump
Really no clue why it keeps failing to show the correct material color in game… :frowning:

Only an idea on the fly to not let you alone : Maybe your collection or any related enum / struct / datatable is not added in game.