[BP][Android target][In App Purchases] Missing function

There is a missing BP function to retrieve the previous purchases or owned items.

You just have to look at GooglePlayStoreHelper.java in the engine (16.3), it has the following 4 (four) callbacks:

  1. nativeQueryComplete → when asking for the different products available has been completed
  2. nativePurchaseComplete → when we purchased something
  3. nativeRestorePurchasesComplete → when we restored a purchase
  4. nativeQueryExistingPurchasesComplete → when we ask for the already purchased items!!!

Now if you look to BP available functions there are 3 (tree, so one less than above) groups:

1.ReadInAppPurchase, it corresponds to nativeQueryComplete.

So you cannot get info about currently owned in app purchases, just about the available ones (wich includes the ones you already own).