[BP] [50%Sale] Interact with NPC's using Text Chat! - NPC Chat System, comes with a Demo!

Hey everyone!

It’s been already a day since the March 50% Sale kicked in so why not spreading a word about my first successful Marketplace Project

NPC Chat System - Chat with them like with your Human-Friends! :keyboard:

A System to easily create NPC Actors that can perform ANY piece of code you can imagine just by typing into a Text Chat when you’re near them!

The Project comes along with a Demo as a showcase and also there’s a hidden level that’s accessible if you use a special command when chatting with a specific NPC, why not checking out what riddles you have to solve there! :question:

For some more insights I made a short video about this Project, you should see it below

So what actually is it?

You can make a custom NPC that will get the keywords out of the Text Chat, you can use full sentences as well only keywords to talk with them and apply custom scripts based on what you ‘said’

And it’s only for 5$ on the Sale right now!

If you want to test it out - here’s the DEMO: NPC Chat System - Google Drive

If you wish to own it visit this site: NPC Chat System in Blueprints - UE Marketplace

And here the video, hope you’ll enjoy! :sunglasses: