BP_2D Game: AI Patrolling without Navmeshes

Hi all.
I would like to set up that simple patrol.

The AI char moving forward until he reaches an obstacle, when he will turn 180º and continue.

You need to use MoveToLocation with Use Pathfinding set to false and continue repeating requests in response to overlap with other actors ( Component Begin Overlap event).

You might encounter an issue with navigation-less MoveToLocation since it used to contain a bug. I’ll make sure it makes it to 4.7, and it’s already working on master branch on github (not in promoted yet though).



Thank you very much.

I don’t know why, but Dest do not rewrite every tick, the NPC stoping at his Initial location + 1000:

I haven’t also managed to set up the change of direction:

Use Pathfinding is set to off and there is no Speed variable error.