Boy & His Kite - workflow on character

Awesome job Epic Games on the results of your dedication and the tools you have provided over the years! Thank you :slight_smile:

I have looked at the Epic Games videos on YouTube and read the forums regarding the creation of the Boy & His Kite demo but could not find the answer to my questions below. If anyone knows a link where we can get more information or can provide solid information, that would be great!


  1. How was the clothing for the boy created? What was the workflow? Was the clothing textured in UE4?

  2. How was the skin shader created for the boy? Was it created in UE4?

  3. I note mocap and keyframe animation was used for the boy. For example, when the boy was jumping on the rocks on the river stream, was that scene exported to Maya so the jumping animation against the rock reference can be accurately animated, and then have the scene imported back into UE4?

  4. Was the final animation with the boy and the environment exclusively and solely rendered in UE4?

Thanks for your support and advice and keep up the great work!

I dont know if I’m right (still havent downloaded the project :p), but I personally think:

  1. You cant texture assets in the UE4 (you could use layered materials), but they created the cloth parts like every other mesh -> created them in a 3d program (it’s not a separate part -> so it is the body), texture it, import it + set up the material
  2. they surely used the skin shading blend mode in the material + SSS -> just download the project and take a look at it :slight_smile:

The final animation is 100% exclusively rendered in UE4. You can download the demo and see that for yourself. Skin Shader is therefore also a UE4 shader.

Thanks for your replies guys. I would like to leave this post open so maybe Epic folks involved in the project can answer#3 and perhaps elaborate more on the workflow for #1 and maybe throw in any other bit of handy information. If Mr Moran or any of the guys are free to throw in their 2 cents, that would be awesome!