Boy - cartoony

This isn’t really a wip, cause I’m done with it.
But it’s the first thing I made with UE so I wanted to post it :slight_smile:

I made it to learn some of the UE basics and cause a friend wanted to rig a cartoony face.
Hope some of you like it !


That’s excellent work! I’d love to see your wireframe and the facial rig :smiley:

awesome really like the style and textures

@Hyperloop: I’m glad you like it. Thanks for the comment.
I did a quick comp with the wireframe. My friend hasn’t started on the rig yet.
The smile expression is something I modeled as a blenshape with some custom normal maps.

I’m stunned by this:eek: really nice work. What program(s) did you use to model this?

@Sangloo: Thank you for your kind comment!

@QuantumRSN: Thanks for your nice comment. I used:

  • Zbrush to sculpt the high poly
  • Maya to retopologyze and basic modeling and UV’s.
  • xNormal to bake the basic maps
  • Photoshop to make the textures
  • And of course Unreal Engine for the shading and rendering.