BoxTraceMultiForObjects incorrect results?

Been struggling with this for a while now and I can’t find a way out, tried everything I could think of.

Essentially, I’m making a BoxTrace to select only the hit location on a SkeletalMeshComponent, however sometimes, it seems to hit something else - the capsule component maybe, even though I’m filtering - which isn’t the SkeletalMesh, but it clearly says it is (see the screenshot).

The filter is a simple comparison with the hitComponent variable, which is a SkeletalMeshComponent.

void AGameProjectCharacter::Process(UPrimitiveComponent* hitComponent)
    if (hitComponent->IsA(USkeletalMeshComponent::StaticClass()))
UKismetSystemLibrary::BoxTraceMultiForObjects(GetWorld(), StartLocation, EndLocation, boxTraceDimensions,
			Item->GetComponentRotation(), validSearchObjects, true, ignored, EDrawDebugTrace::ForDuration, hitRes, true);
if (hitRes.Num() > 0)
			for (TArray<FHitResult>::TConstIterator hitIter(hitRes); hitIter; ++hitIter)
				if (hitIter->Component == hitComponent)
                                    DrawDebugSphere(GetWorld(), hitIter->ImpactPoint, 10.0f, 10, FColor::Blue, false, 10.0f, 0);
                                    GEngine->AddOnScreenDebugMessage(1 + count, 5.0f, FColor::Black, hitIter->Component->GetName()); count++;

The blue ‘sphere’ is where the hit is registered, which isn’t on the SkeletalMesh.

A correct hit:

The character - for some reason its on low-def when I play it on the viewport, but high-def when its on edit mode, its a new project dunno why it does that - which isn’t aligned with the capsule component, I merely change the Mesh configuration of the character to use the default SK_Mannequin skeletal mesh.

Nobody else experienced this problem?