Boxing on movable platforms without physics

Good afternoon!)
I have a 3D puzzle game, which is not used physics for movement objects. Everything is on grid. I do a movable platform. With the character’s - okay, he steps on the platform, and travels wherever I want.
The problem with other objects. How to make a box that would be put on the platform and was moving too? Platform goes, and the box hangs in the air.
In short what I can do that would be of the physical properties of gravity only worked? How i can tell the box “stand and go with platform!”?
Yes, i released this with attach+detach. But i want have a logic, like characters. And, of course, sorry for my grammar…it’s terrible))

if you dont want the box to have phisics just add it as a child to the moving platform i you do want it just set it to simulate phisics