Box Trigger question

Hi guys, I’m working on a weird first person shooter and I need to set some trigger boxes on the map, that makes the camera and the character rotating by 90 degrees in the right direction. I set up my camera so my player could only move mouse -70 and 70 degree on x axis with no ability to walk backwards. What I need is that when player reach corner he would turn 90 degree and still have that -70 and 70 degree view. I hope I made it clear enough…

My blueprints for trigger box: This way im getting my player to turn but my mouse controls get messed up and my -70 and 70 is not working properly, facing wrong direction. How could i fix that?

Character blueprints:

Thats how it works now

Have a look here, seems like a spot on example:…a-manager.html

Might be stupid question but how do I access that Player Controller?

Because i dont have it in my blueprints

Technically you should be OK without overriding the player controller for this if all you need is to lock viewing angles.

You will need a game mode for this:

Once you have that, you can create a new player controller blueprint and assign it to that game mode - similar to what can be seen in step 4.