Box Trigger not Disabling/Enabling Collision

Good evening lads.
I’m currently working on an actor blueprint for my game, whom’s purpose is to direct the player (who only has linear movement) up or past a stair case. That way I can repeatedly use the actor without having to set it up every time.
The concept is that I use a box collision as an overlap trigger to enable/disable collision of my switch to direct the player as shown below.

Here’s the blueprint that I have created.
I use two booleans, Trigger Overlap and Going Up.
My InputAction MoveUp triggers when I press W or up on my left joystick.
I’m also using string prints to check for errors. But the problem is that It’s not even printing the boolean string,much less even getting to print the Collision enable/disable strings.

It’s the first time I’m prototyping my own blueprint system, so if anything in my logic or execution is severely flawed, please let me know.

Thank you very much for your time.

Inputs dont work by default in any blueprint. Only in charaters and player controlers.

Do you have this inside an actor blueprint?

If so you probably didn’t enable input on it. At Begin Play (or whenever you want to use this blueprint), you should enable input. Actor blueprints by default don’t have input enabled. Probably that why it not printing your boolean string.

Oh, I see, I wasn’t aware of this. Not exactly sure of how to do this. But it can’t be that hard, right?
Do you guys have another suggestion as to how to handle multiple paths in a linear player movement situation?