Box Physics

So I made a box object I imported it as FBX but without skeleton, and when I add Simulate Physics and play with the Linear Damping and Angle Damping I don’t get the results that I want, I want the player to be able to push the box little, but when the character is trying to go “through” the box the box is launched in the air.

Here is a picture: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

In shortcut I want the physic of the box to be like in Max Payne, GTA SA, etc…

Sorry but physics are not that simple and the developers of AAA games also have to think how to use them. Nothing is easy in game development.

Try to setup the mass of the object. There is some override mass checkbox or something similar in the settings of the static mesh.

Furthermore the force of a characters movement is normally really high. So you have to adjust your ibjects accordingly.

I think this post should help you out. Adjust Player’s force on physics objects? - Development Discussion / Physics - Unreal Engine Forums