Box Collision goes through the wall

Hey there!

Extremely new to UE4, and I’m just trying to learn it. I’ve been having this problem that adding a Box Collider does not stop movement when it collides with something.

As you can see the Box Collider’s settings have been set to exactly the same as the DefaultPawn’s CollisionComponent.

I just find it strange that the floor doesn’t stop this Cone from going through it.

Floor is using the Default collision preset, but I’ve tried the BlockAll and BlockAllDynamic

I’ve just been stuck on this little problem for the better part of 2 days, and I can’t figure it out.

What I want to happen: The box should stop the cone from going through the floor

Are you sure the box is falling and not just the cone?

Also try setting it to block all.

I just find it strange that the floor
doesn’t stop this Cone from going
through it.

Movement Components live in their own dimension, somewhere between physics and reality - no one really knows where. In this very case, the component only cares about about the root collision - the CollisionComponent (Inherited)

You’re inheriting from the default pawn here which has a lot of built in functionality already - like the collision, and some movement input and even a static mesh to boot. Children are unable to override this hierarchy directly (you can see the 3 (Inherited) components at the top:


The implementation is on the C++ level here. It’s a cool flying pawn that can zoom around effortlessly and bumps into stuff but it’s as liberating as it is limiting. You can override some of the settings but it’s unnecessary busywork in most cases.

You can create your own Pawn that does not inherit from the default one:

You will need to add the desired components and script some movement methods, of course. The default pawn leaves a lot of people perplexed.

Thanks a lot!