Bow and Arrow Impalement Tutorial Series + Enemy AI Tutorial Series!

Hey Everyone!

I have been creating these two tutorial series for Unreal Engine 4. The first one is to get a working arrow in unreal, using instigators to pass information to the hit target and to fight whoever hit them (not just the player). This can be seen here!

The second playlist is to set up Enemy AI in Unreal. Both of these tutorials I approached from the roots, as if there was no previous knowledge to these subjects. You can watch this one here!

I hope these help everyone! Like, subscribe, and share this with the community, because I will be making a whole lot more!

Love the arrow tutorial - I was about to set about doing this myself soon. Thanks!

Great man, i found both tutorials helpfull thanks.

Really Cool Tutorial sciencefreak500! I am planning on going through this over the weekend. I wonder if it would be possible to attach a cable actor somehow and create a harpoon…

Interesting, but you don’t need the setting of rotation in the tick of the arrow since you can just enable “Rotation follows Velocity” for the projectile below the Max Speed :wink: This automatically enables the arrow behavior of looking in the fly direction.

I really wonder why the collision of the sphere only works if it is the parent component. Normally I use scene components as parent.

And I get really bad performance with this. If I spawn 100 arrows I am down to 10 fps… Is every projectile extremely heavy to calculate?

I want to know this as well.

I created a separate threads for the low fps problem :wink: