Bounty - my second UE4 cinematic with Sequencer

Got to say this is really awesome learning experience. This second video is a bit longer than the previous once.
I’m really getting used to using different assets at the same time, and attempting to create/or modify particle systems to suit my needs. Had to find out how to make the rain drops interact with the characters at some scenes. Future goal is to actually have the water drops slide down the mesh model of the character (looking into that).

One major problem that I came across when using the Sequencer was that:
When you have your actors as spawnables and attach them to a camera rail/particle system, they tend to reset (de-attach) once you exit the |shot] and get back into the Master sequence. Weird, maybe I was doing something wrong.
Also, some particle system would not trigger (if you’re set them to active at a certain time in the sequence) when you render out the whole project. Found out that if can be fixed sometimes by setting the character as ‘placeable’, not spawnable.


Its cool to see the progression from your first video. You got yourself a subscriber and am waiting for the third :).

Appreciate it. Now I have a task of extracting assets from another game, fixing them to work in UE4 :slight_smile: Will be an interesting.