Bounds of Static Mesh Component

Hello, I used GetActorBounds node for static mesh component and checked it with Draw debug box. I works but when I rotate object in runtime it doesn’t change rotation. Is it possible to rotate bound with static mesh component?

I saw this

it seems to imply you need to calculate your own bounds after rotation…

Oh, thank you. So as I understand, I have to use getActorBounds node then RotateVectorAroundAxis? If so, how to use this node correctly? What I have to put in InVect, AngleDec and Axis ?

Sorry, not sure off the top of my head ( and I’m not at a machine right now ). Have you tried Answerhub? Much better than forums ( forums really for discussion, AH is where you get a specific answer ):

Bounds of Static Mesh Component - Blueprint - Epic Developer Community Forums

I made question and I also wanna know how to use get local bounds