Bouncing weapon on belt

I want to make so that the unequipped weapon on the belt is little bit bouncing(now i attach to socket and weapon do not move, this looks not good). I think in this case i must use PhysicsConstraint but i can’t find any way how dynamically attach one actor to another. May be it is wrong way, advise me pls, how better implement this issue?

Im not sure if my suggestion will work but worth a try. I was thinking that you attach it to a socket on the belt and then you disable collision so it doesn’t cause problems(if you need collision then let it overlap the player) and then use physics so it can move around but add mass on it so it doesn’t fly everywhere and it will also look more realistic if it doesn’t move a lot.

The reason i say disable collision is because if it has a big collision and it goes into the player that will cause moving problems.