bounce without Simulate Physics

because I don’t want things keep falling. I want the things has constant speed so I turn off Simulate Physics and Gravity. I used Velocity on Projectile movement only. But I can’t make it bounce when hit something. How to make it enable bounce with these settings?

Without Physics enabled i believe the only way you can make a Projectile Bounce is to calculate its trajectory yourself based on an initial velocity and move it along that trajectory, altering its velocity when you encounter Objects it can interact with. Thats just my guess.

Yep sounds like a faking physics deal to me. If you don’t want physics on then the physics engine can’t calculate any bouncing for you. Just do some basic math to calculate the height it was dropped from, give it a bounce height percentage so that bounces, then lower the next bounce, then lower etc. You could go further and calculate the potential and kinetic energy and stuff but I would probably just enable physics for it at that point, physics can be turned on at a per object basis not just an overall physics on or off.