Bounce That Ball - simple arcade game


I published my game on the GreenLight :

Few months ago i made a game for the 72h event, it didn’t go well, so I left the project, but recently a lot of people are asking me if I could start working on it again.
The game is a simple Pong in 3d, your objetive is to bounce the ball to the other side of the tube, each bounce rises the ball speed.

Recent Video:

here’s the video of the game I posted for the event

and here’s a link to the project, where you can download it

At the beginning I had a lot of problems with ball passing through coliders, so i scripted whole ball physics based on it’s location, unfortionatly my script wasn’t perfect(the ball didn’t care on the hit angle), you’ll problably see it on the video, It’s almost fixed now.

Recently I’m working on level design, It’s much less depressing than the original

Development plan:
-Multiplayer (these will be my first steps in that subject)
-Better physics
-Android version
-Pick ups ( positive and negative pick ups will be spawned in the middle of the tube , player will have a special power to attract them)

I’ll probably think of something more during the production :).


So recently i’ve found a web site with textures

at the moment my first level is half textured

the idea, to use deph of field focused on ball didn’t go well, it accualy ruined the hole gameplay, i’m thinking about adding static(won’t change in time) depth of field, it would look like in the picture:

Multiplayer works pretty well in the editor, still thinking about connection script (it’s my first multiplayer game)

Alpha is Out

Finally, I managed to release alpha version of the game



This is so cool, thanks for sharing!

Wow Pong on steroids! The music reminded me of Marble Blast Ultra which was pretty cool.

Is it 1p or 2p ?


New Gameplay

At the moment there’s only Single Player with one game mode, but Multi Player works pretty well in the editor, unfortunately I still have some problems making a server search list and I don’t have a master server.

I recorded a new gameplay today to show how smoothly it works now.

Wall Mode

I’ve added Wall mode, you can access it in the Single Player menu

Wall mode info
-there are 2 types of scoring system Bounces and Points
-Poaints are gained with hitting the target board at the other end of the tube
-Center gives 100 points and gains our combo by one
-2. Ring gives as 50 points, combo won’t change
-3. Ring gives as 25 and zeros combo
-4. Black ring gives as 0 points and zeros combo
-the ball still goes faster each time we bounce it, but it has no speed limit

I also fixed the bug with ball getting through the walls.



I published the game on GreenLight here’s the link:

And here’s the trailer for the GreenLight: