Bought a model, don't know how to use it

I just bought a set of alphabet blocks from turbosquid. There’s a few file types available but UE4 only sees the obj when importing so I tried that. When I import them I get one big static mesh with no materials. This one of my first few times buying and I’m not sure how to go about how to split the model into individual blocks with the texture showing up.

I also tried opening the .blend. In Blender the textures don’t show up either but I can move the blocks around individually. In my downloads there is a zip with all the materials (it has a diffuse and png both of an unwrapped cube).

Does anyone know how I could end up with textured blocks in UE4? Any steps in the right direction would be helpful.

This may require a little trial and error on your part.

Try to extract the zip and then import the extracted files to blender. I believe you may still need to place the textures in the UV editor’s texture spot and unwrap the cubes with cube projection. Find the option that allows you to view the mesh textured (pretty sure that one is in the same area you see the mesh, sorry haven’t been on blender in a while) If it all looks right, export with the proper settings as an FBX then import to the unreal editor. If you need a more thorough step by step or if i’m completely off base just send me a pm and we can get this worked out.

Good luck!

If it is an OBJ … try import in to another 3D Editor. I use Milkshape 3D for my requirements and it works like an absolute charm.

If they have structured the model correctly then you should be able to export it to an FBX file as individual blocks. You may need to modify the model by removing blocks or only selecting certain blocks and exporting those alone which you can then import in to Unreal Engine.

Thanks, that got me in the right direction. I followed this tutorial which helped too.

Glad it helped a little! Good luck on all your projects :slight_smile: